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The University environment as I envision it begins with it's meaning: It comes from Latin, universitas; "the whole". For our purposes it employs these principles in such an environment collectively:
Good Product and Teaching
Involved Development
Support and Structure
Constant Use and Familiarity
Seeking and Using Knowledge
All of these conventions and principles used together properly form a solid base that allows flexibility yet strengthens each other. They aren't optional because not only do they relate to one another they constantly invoke and promote forward movement and stability and improvement. They have the ability to create positive environments where others are enhanced if left singular otherwise.
In our case, better sales and growth through repeatable, demonstratable improvement and innovation.
The University itself. A dedicated team of people, willing to employ these principles. A stable environment that evolves with our company as part of it, to promote our innovation and product through that knowledge, teaching these values and driving growth. It's an image thats perceptible and inspires confidence in our company and through that, growth for us and the technology.
Good Product results from combinations of all of these, but is also a principle and method itself. Failures you learn from through experimentation leads to knowledge, which provides structure for support, for example. You must constantly use your product in established and non conventional ways to promote that innovative experimentation.
I've used this many times over the years to demonstrate and explain the teacher and student relationship- I think we can apply it here as well:
"At it's center, growth is chaotic and unpredictable- and that's the beauty of it if you embrace it. The teacher must never cease being a student. Learning and knowledge results from that unpredictability and is elemental. Moving through one's desire, like water or the wind (flexibility, no fear of trying something new, ideas) can create passion and energy (the fire, excitement). From this, stability evolves (earth, ground, and confidence) and yet one must stand on that firm ground to begin. (decision, purpose and intent). They constantly cycle through and among each other." ~Earl Miller 1990
Look for further thoughts on this subject in the future- I hope this brief insight opens your mind, and perhaps some doors.
earl miller
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