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Wanhao University Store Now Open!
It's been a little while but back last year, we were discussing expansion and the subject of the University and its efforts came up. I've handled exactly these types of situations throughout my career and well, organizing and maintaining a large distribution network for a company was exactly what I did for most of it. Well, a self sustaining venue of course. Schools often have their own student/teacher stores. Why Not WU?
So, the question wasn't IF we could do it, or should we, but how can we do it better? Well, the answers are easy after looking at the common practices and issues that face all of Wanhao's (as well as any other Eastern company trying to do business in the US and abroad) distribution avenues. Some are simple to fix and others, not so much, but I'm confident they can be.
I'm going to be straightforward and just begin with what we at Wanhao University and now the Wanhao University Store wants to do better, and differently.
Service & Support:
Our intent is to provide US based service and support. This means in-house service, repairs and returns. Shipping costs from the US to China can get quite high at times and lead times on this can also take considerable time. By handling most issues locally, you save money, we save money. This is reflected in keeping our prices lower so you can get more value and we can be satisfied we have done our best to serve you quickly, and efficiently.
This eventually includes a full inventory of replacement parts and printers. We already have one of the best (in my humble opinion) labs for development and repair, and these long months leading up to this opening has been all for thinking this through and test driving the systems (software and physical process). 
We are solely focusing on Wanhao products.. No such thing as up-selling or overstock reduction. The industry as it is has alot of new and competing companies surfacing every day. We won't hook you into buying "The Next Best Thing" because it's the current rave. As many have found, solid companies like Wanhao dedicate themselves to improvements to the tech, not repackaging the same thing and putting a different name on it.
We use Wanhao products and market them through the University. So, just like our community we can, will,, and address the same issues every one of you do. 
We work on development and probably spend more time trying to break something as part of our normal routine here.  We are ruthless when it comes to expecting the machines we develop and use to perform and hold value for what they cost to invest in and use.
Active and proactive community involvement. Wanhao University has grown to include various Facebook groups, developed and put in place a robust website with all of the features you'd want in a place to do it all, and find it all.
Were going to do our best to offer the best pricing. Can we guarantee it? No. Pricing is dynamic and costs rise and fall, almost daily. Some distributors may offer sales (as we will!) and you might find an item cheaper at times- be aware that often while you may save a few dollars, its sometimes at the cost of support or shipping. We wont offer "Free Shipping" by building in the cost of it into the purchase price. One thing we are doing is monitoring each sale and if we can get you better rates along the way, we are going to simply credit you for the offset. Simple.
But wait. Something that sets us apart is something everyone can benefit from- Monthly we will randomly select orders for a full credit to the shipping! It's like a surprise gift and were pretty sure everyone would like this idea. On some orders this can be hundreds of dollars. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting Wanhao University..
How Profits Are Used:
Anyone keeping up with the work Wanhao University is doing will already know we are all about education. We are keeping our operating costs low and your purchases do more than get you great support. It's helping us and you bring new and exciting programs and features into our industry. For example: Young makers, with the M.O.R.E program can turn their ideas into a reality by allowing them to get printers they cant afford, explore, innovate and who knows- maybe the solution to the next big problem facing humanity might be in the mind of a child who just needs the chance to learn and grow. A common place for all ages to share experiences and collaborate without having to worry about economic status or standard. The dental and medical fields are embracing 3D printing and the world is going to be a better place for it. Wanhao University in concept was created for purposes just like this. 
 Thank you for reading and we hope you will join us on this exciting and incredible journey.
 Earl Miller, Wanhao University
 earl miller
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