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Quick Setup Help: XYZWare For The Wanhao D7

Generating supports can be a trial and error pastime when learning to get good prints. Fortunately, XYZWare shortens the learning curve by just working...
It doesn't get much easier for setup, and the process is simple. You import your STL into XYZWare, use automatic or manual (or a combination! I use both to see what auto generate creates, then go into manual mode and remove/add as necessary) and save the STL for importing into your printing solution like Creation Workshop or NanoDLP, etc.
xyzware quickhelp D7
Experiment with variations to the density and contact settings for your own knowledge, but the defaults shown in the image work a majority of the time. Your biggest challenge will be learning when to put angle or tilt to your models. That's another discussion and beyond the scope of this quick bit of help.
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David Higgins on Sunday, 06 May 2018 19:12

Hey Earl, What's the significance of selecting Nobel Superfine as opposed to Nobel 1 or 1a?

Hey Earl, What's the significance of selecting Nobel Superfine as opposed to Nobel 1 or 1a?
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